Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunny Days in Chambé

Salut tout le monde,

So I've had a great couple of weeks here in Chambery. The weather's gotten amazingly beautiful and it seems when that happens the population of Chambery doubles. Everyone's eating outside, walking around, and it's just more fun and lively.

Last weekend was really great. The sun came out for an all day "jeu de piste", which was basically this crazy scavenger hunt that one of the classes organized for us. We started off the day being blinfolded and kindnapped by 15 or so French guys, then led back into the school where the scenario was that we were escaped convicts trying to prove our innoncence against a murder that had been committed. We had to solve puzzles, walk backwards with eggs on spoons and run around the campus in the hot sun. It was lots of fun and my team was 2nd place! woot. That night we were pooped, but decided the next day to head to the St. Cristophe Caves about a 30 minute bus ride out of Chambery. Unfortunately on the bus ride we realized that it's Sunday in France and the bus wouldn't pass for another 6 hours after we had arrived. So we got to the caves took a tour around, it was pretty and stayed sunny for us. We then ate our lunch and pondered how we would get home. My two brasilien friends and I decided that walking back the 20km was out of the question so we hitched hiked home with a young guy heading off to a rugby match. He lived near the caves but worked in Chambery, and was heading there to pick up a friend, since we didn't have plans for the afternoon he invited us to join them at the rugby match and after he would take us back to Chambery. He seemed like a good guy so we went for it and I experienced my first rugby match at Montmelian. The guy, Mathieu, was a rugby player so after the victory we hung around, and drank beer with his friends. They kept giving us beer and while delicious and refreshing, around 7pm we were tired and ready to head home. So that was a pretty exciting weekend and I was much pleased with my first hitch hiking experience!

This weekend my friend from preschool, Allyce, came into town and we spent a nice relaxing weekend basically catching up on our lives since preschool. It's kinda sad that it takes us to be in Europe to finally get together, but hopefully we can start meeting up when I'm back in Seattle. It's crazy how much time we spent together when we were 4-10, and we talked like no time had passed! I love great friends like that, they're few but I really cherish those moments. We spent another sunny weekend riding bikes to Lac du Bourget and visited my friend's adorable one room apartment with a great backyard to soak in the sun. We also cooked delicious market fresh food, and I'm really impressed by how well we ate, Allyce is one mad vegetarian cook, and was more than comfortable with the French way of eating lunch for hours on end. I'm definitely making that stuff again! Unfortunately the Easter weekend ended this morning and it's back to another couple weeks of school.

Just have two more weeks left of classes and not very many at that, so should go by fast! Then we have finals than I'm done! I've decided to stay in Chambery and take classes this May so I'll be taking a business French class, and then a class in English called Doing Business in France. Hopefully it won't be too boring, and keep my busy. Today I rented a bike for the next two months so I'm hoping the weather stays like this, and I can use it as often as possible! My sister and her boyfriend are coming June 14 and then we're off on the last hurrah trip in Europe. The plan is Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich and back to Geneva to fly home. I'll be home July 2 so not too long now. My friend from Bordeaux, Emily, is coming in this weekend and we always have a great time together so I'm excited for her to see my cute little town!

Hope all is well and thanks so much for reading! Have a great week!

Gros bisous,


Tom said...

Thank you for taking such good care of Allyce while she was there. She commented that while Paris was great and unbelievable, she enjoyed her time with you so much more. Imagine! You are cooler than the Louvre! Okay, almost...
She made it back to Glasgow and is already hunkered down with her school work.
Everyone here is so impressed with all your adventures. Did you know there is a parachuting school in Chambery? Just a thought. When you get back to the states you are going to have some acclimating to how placid things are here. Seems like you are doing enough for the whole family. It's great that Sara is going to get the chance to travel with you a bit.
Anyway, We're glad you and Allyce got the chance to reconnedt!
Love, Tom and Sue

'Rents said...

Dear Tom, Thanks a LOT for the parachuting suggestion. We're still staggering from the hitchhiking.

Dear Stef, We'll deal with you LATER. Glad you're having such a good last few weeks, and I'm happy you and Allyce had such a nice reunion.

P.S. Ixnay on the arachutingpay.