Sunday, April 26, 2009


Salut tout le monde!
Yay finally legal to drink in the states!! It's about time, had a good bday night with good friends and lots of laughs (and a pie in the face, no that's not a french tradition it's just my silly friends).

Unfortunately I'm in France where 21 is no big deal and where this week is finals, ahhhhh!! One test tomorrow, 2 Wednesday and 2 again on Thursday. I'm also starting some new classes which is a pain in the butt and not good timing at all. But at the same time, in reference to my finance classes, I feel like no other class I can take ever will be as hard as this is now. I'm deathly terrified of my finals, not even that I'm going to fail them all (which is a possibility, fyi our grade is based on one final exam) but just of getting into that classroom and the act of taking the test! I've been studying quite a bit and I hope I can squeeze by, but whatever happens it's been one crazy couple of months and I think I will never be as challenged by school as I am here. It's funny because I'm probably in the hardest group in my program (the finance major) and a lot of my friends don't have any finals, but they said they didn't learn anything in their classes. So at least I learned a lot from my classes, probably too much for my little finance brain, and I can hopefully take that knowledge back to WSU, even if I don't pass all my exams.

Fewww, well I'm gonna try to calm down a little and try not to get too stressed about it. What happens happens and I know I learned a lot and it was all in FRENCH!! woot! I'm excited to go back to the states as a 21 year old, fluent french speaker, well traveled, finance whizzz!

Have a good week everyone!
Gros bisous,


allyce said...

happy birthday!
love love love

and hooray for learning!

Anonymous said...

Someday we will have this conversation
ME: Steph! I have lost all my money! I spent it on trees.
YOU: Was it french money?
ME: No
YOU: Oh...

The End