Thursday, November 6, 2008


Salut tout le monde,
Yay I'm soo proud of our country and I'm proud to be an American at this point in time. It's weird though that I'm not in the US to experience the real excitement of the election. The French are happy about it, but in my little town of Chambery it's hard to tell. The international day was yesterday and people kept asking me if I was happy with the results and of course I replied positively, but it's hard to express to them how extatic I really was. I'm not sure it's really gonna hit me the changes of our country until I get home, but hopefully I'll be able to see some changes all the way over here in Chambery.

So besides the amazing president everything here is going along nicely and I'm really starting to get settled down. Chambery is feeling more like home everyday, and not just some cute town where all my stuff is. I'm also interacting more with the french students and not being the shy little American wandering the halls. I think it'll take time, but hopefully I can come away with not only some great international friends but also some French ones. My roommates and I are also starting to get along better and while I think they think I'm kinda strange at times, they are nice and fun to be around. The other night I watched Holy Grail with them because Laura has to do an english presentation on it, but she doesn't think it's funny (now who's strange?!), but it was fun none the less.

So I'm off to Paris for this long weekend, we get monday and tuesay off so it should be a grand old time. Going Friday night with a couple friends and then meeting up with more people who are driving from Chambery Saturday morning. We found a cheap hotel and we're heading back Monday night. No real specific plans but it should be a good time and we'll be in Paris so that's what matters :). Until next time, bonne weekend et a tout!

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Fiona said...

Hope Paris has been a blast. I'm so excited to come see you in December, and you are required to come visit me at some point in the spring. Hasta pronto!