Sunday, November 16, 2008

Les nouvelles

Salut tout le monde,
The past couple of weeks have been a lot of fun, last weekend I went to Paris with 10 friends, we took the overnight train on Friday night and arrived in Paris at 7am Saturday morning. It was actually a pretty nice way to go, the seats reclined and I slept pretty well, and when we woke up, Paris! It was a totally different experience from when I was there in high school, we spoke French the whole time and found the Persians to be quite nice. I also got to visit Montmatre this time, which is a really cool neighborhood, also ran into my friend Alex at the Moulin Rouge which was crazy random. She's in France studying but not in Paris and we just happened to be at the same place same time, small world this is. Paris is really an amazing place, but soo many tourists and it's not even tourist season. I don't know if I could stand it if I lived there (or afford to). We headed back Monday evening on the TGV, so much quicker than the other train.

This weekend was also fun and relaxing. Last night we (me and my italian friend Erica and my slovakian friend Martina) ate dinner at a French friend's apartment and they made raclette for us, yummy! It's definitely nice to hang out with French people too, I think my French skills improve tenfold that way. I'm starting to understand more and more when they talk but it's still difficult sometimes cause it's soo fast and I have to concentrate really hard to keep up, but it's good just to hear, it even if I can't understand everything. Today some friends and I took a hike in the mountains and it was tiring but really pretty. I have to remind myself sometimes what a gorgeous place Chambery is and how lucky I am to be here, and the hike today definitely proved that.

No big plans for this week or next weekend, but I want to venture into Italy soon so maybe end of November that will happen. Until next time, au revoir!


Tao said...

Your French skills will be so honed after a while...I guess the test is when you start DREAMING in French...then you'll know you have the language down. I can also imagine that event being weird as hell, lol.

I just read all your posts and I must say...I'm very jealous. Someday I hope to travel, but I can only wish to learn a different language...maybe sign language will suffice? lol. It sounds like you're having a blast Steph! Knowing the language as well as you do must make the experience that much richer. Enjoy yourself and I'll see you in the fall!


P.S. President Elect OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naomi said...

It's fun catching up with what you're up to... and I think I'm going to write some epic letters and send them with Tyler because Facebook just won't cut it. Miss you, but it looks like you're having WAY too much fun!

aunihusted said...

stephanie!! sounds great. i am so happy for you!
i am getting ready to go home in dec. and thinking about how lonely home is without you! i hope all is well.
did you run into alex brooks in paris??!

John said...

Hi Stephanie,

I am looking to spend a few months in either Chambéry or Annecy learning French starting in January.

I would appreciate any advice you may have on which one (assuming you have been to Annecy already).

Otherwise, an interesting read!

Stephanie said...

Hi John,
I really don't know a lot about Annecy, I've been there a couple of times and it's a really nice town. They call it the little Venice of France because there's a stream that runs through the old city. I don't know if you'd be going to school there but I don't know a lot about the student population there, but Chambery has a lots of students and it's a great town too. I think they're comparable size wise but other then that I don't know a lot about Annecy. shoot me an email if you have any questions,