Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 2

Eventually I'll think of more interesting names for these posts but now my creativity escapes me. This week has been pretty good, nothing too exciting to report on just lots of fun and some relaxing too. As you can tell from my pictures this weekend, all the sites in Chambery were free so we took advantage of this and went to the market Saturday morning. It was really fun, lots of things to look at and food to buy. We then took a tour of the Palais of Justice and then saw some weird acrobat modern art guys. That night all us Erasmus students met up at Charley's. It's apparently the bar where all the international students hang out so it was a lot of fun. Sunday I woke up bright and early to take some tours of the Castle and it was pretty cool when we got to climb up to the tower, great views of all of Chambery.
This week has been pretty low key, just dealing with lots of formal stuff like getting my residence card and my bank card. But tomorrow my Finish friend Iida and I head off to Lyon for the weekend! I'm super excited for this because we're couch surfing ( so we'll stay with a couple who live just outside the city for the weekend, and hopefully they'll show us around the city and it'll be a fun time. I met another girl through couch surfers yesterday in Aix-les-Bains and she was very nice and welcomed me to the region. It should be a great weekend and a nice break from Chambery. Bonsoir et a bientot!

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